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Cyclocross is a spectacle unlike anything else in cycling. But for too long, it’s been too hard to watch the sport’s best races here in the States. As part of our commitment towards growing the scene and its fan base, Trek is broadcasting the world’s top races—the DVV Trofee Series—for free, right here on trekbikes.com all season long.

See the full race schedule and streaming times below.

2018/19 DVV Trofee Streaming Schedule (all times in US Central)


November 1, 2018
Women: 7:45 AM 
Men: 9:00 AM


Soudal Annual Market Cross
November 10, 2018
Women: 6:45 AM
Men: 8:00 AM


Vio Flandriencross
November 18, 2018
Women: 6:45 AM 
Men: 8:00 AM


Soudal Scheldecross
December 15, 2018
Women: 6:45 AM 
Men: 8:00 AM


December 28, 2018
Women: 6:45 AM
Men: 8:00 AM


GP Sven Nys
January 1, 2019
Women: 6:45 AM
Men: 8:00 AM


Brussels Universities Cyclo-cross
January 6, 2019
Women: 6:45 AM
Men: 8:00 AM


February 9, 2019
Women: 6:45 AM
Men: 8:00 AM

Cyclocross Bikes

Battling it out for a World Cup win takes drive, skill, and a damned good bike. Trek Cyclocross bikes give you every possible advantage in a full lineup of rides built to win in the worst conditions. We can’t promise you a rainbow jersey, but we guarantee these Cross bikes will wring out your best race performance yet

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Cyclocross Gear

We love cyclocross because of the flyovers and the frites, but racing in such treacherous conditions means the right gear makes all the difference in the world. If you’re hooked on cross, check out all that Bontrager has to offer.

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