Take the long, long, long way home

Domane+ HP is a high-powered electric road bike that turns any ride into an epic adventure. It delivers the power, speed, and range you need to love more of your time in the saddle, whether you’re reaching for distance milestones, commuting more by bike, or looking to cover more ground much faster.

Powered by Bosch
The most trusted name in technology

Bosch technology is trusted in nearly half the world’s phones, millions of homes and offices and garages around the globe, and even on the International Space Station.

Does this make them the most over-qualified supplier of e-bike systems ever? Well, yeah. But we wouldn’t partner with anyone who wasn’t. Why? Because dependability is everything. You can count on Bosch when it matters. (Just ask an astronaut.)

Powerful boost, global support

Bosch drive systems are renowned for their reliability and ease of use. They deliver a powerful, natural-feeling boost so you can focus on enjoying your ride. Plus, Bosch offers global support and service that can’t be matched!

Sleek integrated battery

Removes easily without tools

Kiox controller

Ride control is at your fingertips

Light your way

Built-in front and rear daytime running lights

Go even farther with Range Boost

Attaching a dual battery can up to double your range

Explore the Domane faimly

Domane+ HP

Big battery. Big speed. Big fun. It’s our fastest, longest-range e-road bike, and it’s perfect for riders who intend to keep the assist on all the time. The Bosch system assists up to 28 mph for up to 75 miles. Range Boost compatible.

Domane+ LT

Our lightest electric road bike ever weighs just 29.04 lbs thanks to an OCLV Carbon frame. The lightweight Fazua drive system seamlessly engages when you want a part-time assist, and you also get the road-smoothing magic of IsoSpeed. Assists up to 20 mph for up to 65 miles.

Domane+ ALR

Our most affordable e-road bike, thanks to its lightweight, premium alloy frame. The sleek, integrated Fazua drive system delivers on-demand assistance whenever you need it. Assists up to 20 mph for up to 65 miles.

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