Q: Who will design my kit? Can I use my own designer/artist?
A:You have the option of designing your own kit or you can work with one of our talented Graphic Designers who will help bring your dream kit to life. Please note our full-custom designs require a 25-unit minimum.
Q: How long does it take to receive the first design proof?
A: For semi-custom designs from our library, the turnaround time is 3 business days.
A: For full-custom designs, the turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks.
Q: How many rounds of revisions can I make?
A: Three design proofs are included with each order. Additional proofing rounds cost $50 and will be invoiced with your order. An additional $50 will be billed for any vector file conversion.
Q: What kind of format should my artwork be?
A: SVG, EPS, or AI files. These are considered vector artwork which is comprised of points, lines, and curves that are scalable without causing distortion, blurriness, or pixelation. You can convert other vector-based files e.g. EPS or AI into SVG using Adobe Illustrator or online conversion tools.
Q: Where can I add my logo(s)?
A: Please reference the artwork placement guide. We do not want to limit the ideas of our customers, but there are some areas that aren’t possible for printing.
Q: Can I use a design on multiple styles?
A: Yes you can.
Q: Can graphics be sublimated on anything?
A: Almost. Please reference the artwork placement guide to better understand where you can apply your graphics to.
Q: Can I add Trek logos in my design?
A: Yes. If you would like you can add Trek logos to your design please review the artwork placement guide as we do have restrictions on sizing and placement limitations.
Q: How long do I have to approve my design?
A: If proofs are dormant for more than 45 days, it is assumed you no longer wish to proceed. If a deposit was placed you also forfeit the deposit.


Q: Can you match my previous jersey colors?
A: We will match the colors on the provided sample within 10% of its color value.
Q: I have specific color requirements, do you match colors?
A: Our program offers a wide range of pre-approved colors which you can reference on our custom apparel color palette. We are also able to match Pantone (PMS) Solid coated color numbers. Since these colors can be slightly different, we will match your PMS color within a 10% margin.
Q: Will the colors on my computer match what is being printed?
A: Not exactly. Often times there can be some differences between what is seen on-screen and what is printed on fabric. This is dependent on your computer screen’s display settings. In order to ensure you are choosing the most consistent color reference, please contact us in order to match color using a Trek Custom color swatch flag.


Q: What is the dye sublimation process?
A: Dye sublimation is a printing process. Artwork is transfered directly to fabric using a heat press. This permanently embeds the inks into the fibers of the fabric. This process is simple and clean that allows for multiple colors and detailed artwork and minimal restrictions.
Q: Why does my garment look different in person than on my computer?
A: Often times there can be some differences between what is seen on-screen and what is printed on fabric. This is dependent on your computer screen’s display settings which we do our best to account for.
Q: Can we align artwork across seams?
A: We cannot guarantee that artwork will line up or align across seams. The only exception is across the front zipper panel on our men’s and women’s road jersey.
Q: Will artwork look the same on all sizes?
A: Our production team grades artwork to best match the sizes requested. The standard pro-cedure for matching artwork requires specific artwork created for each group sizes ranging from XS–M and another specific artwork that matches the sizes L-2XL.


Q: How do I submit my order?
A: Your order process is started by submitting the Quick Start Guide.
Q: What is the order minimum?
A: For semi-custom designs from our library, the minimum is 5.
A: For full-custom designs, the minimum is 25. Please contact [email protected] for more info.
Q: Is a deposit required?
A: For semi-custom designs from our library, there is no deposit required.
A: For full-custom orders a deposit of $100 is required, but is applied to your order once placed.
Q: I’m ordering for men and women. Can I order a mix of both to meet minimums?
A: No, minimum order quantities are calculated on a product-by-product basis. For example, on an order including both a men’s and women’s jersey, each have a minimum of 5 pieces for semi-custom and 25 pieces for full-custom.
Q: Can I request a sample before confirming/submitting my order?
A: Yes, you can receive a sample of your design if you would like to review it in person before ordering. There is an additional cost for this. Also, it is not a completed garment but rather a sample of the design on fabric.
Note: This sample takes 2-3 weeks to make and is not included in the normal 6 week production time.
Q: How long does it take to get my order?
A: Production of your items will take approximately 6 weeks. From there we will ship your product from our factory to your front door. Delivery takes approximately 2-3 business days after your order is shipped.

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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