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Waste reduction

Trek is committed to recycling and waste reduction, and we lead by example by building more sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes.

Everyone knows a bicycle manufacturer produces recycleable materials like inner tubes, helmet foam, light bulbs, and batteries. But what you might not consider is things like the VOC emissions caused by painting operations, carbon layups, and the solvents required for cleaning machines.

Trek was the first bicycle company to collect and recycle carbon fiber. We use a high-efficiency robotic paint system that has afforded a 90% reduction in our carbon footprint over the previous painting system, along with a solvent still that allows us to be more than six times as efficient in the cleaning of our paint guns. Trek also uses custom-designed ovens that significantly cut down on the energy required for completing carbon frames.

We also use an advanced 80/20 HVAC system, high-efficiency motion sensor lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and IT optimizations like default double-sided printing and automatic sleep modes on computers, printers, and hard drives.

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