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Mansion Hill Inn

Mansion Hill Inn—once a single-family residence known as The McDonnell-Pierce house—is a boutique hotel steps from the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin’s vibrant downtown. The historic inn, which was purchased and restored by Trek Bicycle in 2008, is an exquisite example of 19th century artistry and the rich history of our home state.

In 1857, Mansion Hill Inn was constructed by Alexander McDonnell, the contractor for Madison’s second State Capitol building. The German Romanesque Revival building, which shares the Prairie du Chien sandstone of the Capitol building, is one of four historic mansions still standing along Lake Mendota in downtown Madison. At the turn of the century, the single-family residence became an upscale boarding house where some of Madison’s most notable citizens lived. In the 1930’s, the building was converted into apartments, and it existed in this form until 1983, when the Inn was purchased and transformed into a hotel. Even after more than 150 years, the hotel’s ornate exterior has never been altered. Today, the wrought iron balconies and arched windows look out over downtown Madison, the State Capitol, and, in the warmer months, the bustling farmers market.

Trek purchased the Inn in 2008 and embarked on an extensive renovation project that sought to expanded the hotel’s amenities while preserving the home’s history and the building’s Victorian charm. In addition to updating the historic home with modern luxuries, Trek rebuilt the classic parlor, created a majestic bar for entertaining, and restored the belvedere at the top of the four-story, oval-shaped mahogany staircase.

Mansion Hill Inn has become a landmark in hospitality and the history of the city of Madison. When you visit Madison, or when you come to Wisconsin to tour Trek headquarters, Mansion Hill Inn is the perfect elegant retreat. And while you’re there, you just may find yourself boarding beside a pro from Trek Factory Racing—Mansion Hill Inn is the preferred destination for riders who come to Waterloo to test new products and collaborate with Trek’s development engineers.

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