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Buddy Pegs: Taking The Lead! Children's Book

$18.99 Model 24886

Our furry friends Watson and Wrigley from B is for Bicycles are back in an all new story called Taking the Lead!

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The inspiration of the bicycle

When Watson’s bicycle chain breaks, the doggie duo sets out to get it fixed and soon discovers their town of Spokesville has nowhere for them to go. With the help of their canine crew (and don’t forget Schmiddy the cat!), they decide to take the lead and open a bike shop of their own.

Now the whole town has a place to discover the fun, freedom, and independence that comes with a life on bikes. Written by renowned bicycle retailer Scott Fitzgerald, filled with hand-drawn illustrations from Michael Clarida and edited by Tobie DePauw.

Product details

  1. From the creators of B is for Bicycles
  2. The second book in the series
  3. By Scott Fitzgerald/Buddy Pegs
  4. 32 pages
  5. 11.25 x 8.25 inches

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