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1. Log in or create your Trek account

Open a new window in your web browser and navigate to trekbikes.com.

If you already have an account, provide your email address and password under the Returning visitors section. (01)

If you don’t have an existing account, select Create an account (02) and be sure to accept emails to receive service reminders direct to your inbox (03).

2. Link your Trek and Garmin Connect accounts

From your My account homepage, click on Setup and manage Garmin connection on the left navigation bar. (04)

Select the Connect button to sync your Garmin account. (05)

A new window will open. If the new window does not open, disable* all ad and pop-up blockers on your web browser and select the Connect button again.

- iOS Safari - Settings > Safari > Block Pop-Ups (disable)
- Android Chrome - Settings > Site settings > Pop-ups (move slider to allowed)
- MacOS Safari - Preferences > Security tab > Pop-up blockers (un-check box)
- PC Chrome - Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Pop-ups and redirects > Blocked (move slider to allowed)
- PC Explorer - Settings > Internet options > Privacy > Pop-up Blocker (un-check Turn-on Pop-up Blocker)

Sign in to your Garmin Connect account. (06)

If you don't have an existing Garmin Connect account, you can create one at connect.garmin.com/signin, or you can sign in using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Windows Live, or LinkedIn accounts.

After you sign in, you’ll be given an option to link your Trek and Garmin Connect accounts. Select I Consent. (07)

If successful, the Garmin page will indicate that you are logged in (08) and a Disconnect option will appear. (09)

3. Add your bike(s) to the Bike Garage

On the My Account page of trekbikes.com, scroll to the Bike Garage section on the left of the screen and click on the View and manage bikes button. (10)

You can also select Start adding bikes to your Bike Garage from the steps link located on the Setup service reminders page. (11)

Click on Add bike (12) or Add first bike (13)
Complete all information:
• Bike name (nickname)
• Category of bike
• If the bike is a Trek, select the model from the dropdown menu. If the bike is not a Trek or you don’t see the model name appear, select “Other."
• Enter your bike’s serial number for easy future reference if your bike is ever lost or stolen.
• Enter the bike’s mileage. If it's a new bike, you should set the odometer to 0 (zero).
• Select Add bike (13)

You will now see your new bike added to your BIKE GARAGE.

4. Select a preferred Trek retailer

From the My account page on trekbikes.com, select Update preferred retailer. (14)

You can also select Select a preferred retailer to help you with your bike maintenance needs from the steps link located on the Setup service reminders page. (14)

Find nearby retailers by entering your address (including city and state/territory), or by ZIP/postal code. (15)

Once you find your preferred store, click Set as preferred store on the right side of the screen. (16)

5. Finish device setup

If you've already finished your device setup, it's time to go for a ride.

If you haven't done so already, you can now set up your Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030 device.

Turn on your Edge 1030 and follow the on-screen prompts to connect the device to your smartphone, select personal preferences, and update the device to the latest firmware (if necessary).

If you added more than one bike to your Bike Garage, be sure to select the appropriate bike from the Bike Chooser data field before saving your ride.

Have a great ride!

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