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No days inside

What makes an epic adventure? The distance travelled to the destination? The difficulty of the journey itself? To be sure, adventure requires an element of novelty. After all, the wonder of exploration is a result of the change in one’s surroundings. Right?

Maybe not. Our belief is that the feeling that each of us craves as we sit at desks or tend to kids during the week is closer than we think. Adventure can be as simple as shifting our perception of locations within easy striking distance of our daily lives. This, we’ve found, is the key to a lifestyle of passion and discovery.

Salt Lake City is a bustling metropolis home to over a million people. The mountains surrounding the city are renowned for their world-class ski resorts, but we set out to try our hand at a slightly unorthodox winter adventure. And it was all because we refused to hang up our mountain bikes for the season.

This is a look at what we found just an hour’s drive from the urban core of a major American city, in the snowy peaks of the Wasatch Range. With the right gear, and just a bit of determination, it’s easy to transport yourself to another world and still make it home in time for dinner. Even in the heart of winter.

Only an hour outside the city, we were immersed in a landscape so vast it seemed a world away.

As the sun rose above the mighty mountains in front of us, the possibilities of the day ahead seemed endless.

The right layer for every ride

Winter truly is a wonder land, and the right gear opens the door to an entirely new set of experiences in the saddle.

The piercing cold of the thin air was a fitting complement to a vast horizon, the sky seemingly one with the rugged, snow-capped peaks that surrounded it.

Our tires crunched atop the frosty snow as our bodies warmed with every pedal stroke. The skinned-in ski tracks were the perfect canvas for adventure.

Warmth doesn’t stop here

Too often, winter stands in the way of us pursuing our passion. As the days grow shorter, it seems Old Man Winter is heckling us from some place high up in the gray clouds. But in every challenge, there is an opportunity. What if we saw the Old Man’s barbs as an invitation rather than a rebuff? What if we embraced as our mantra No Days Inside?

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