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How to layer up for winter riding

Sorting your winter ride kit can be a gamble. Dress too warm or too light, and you could be in for a long, unpleasant ride. Enter the Bontrager Winter Ride System, our simple guide to help you find the kit that’s just right for you. As you scroll, consider this page as a spectrum of winter temperatures—with the lowest temps at the bottom of the page. Think of each section as an additional layer in your winter kit. Remember: every great ride begins with the right Bontrager baselayer. From there, add layers to your winter ride kit that best suit your climate.

The base of every great ride

Bontrager baselayers are available in three weights (B1, B2, and B3), each with unique design properties to help you control your climate. B2 and B3 baselayers are made for riding in chillier temperatures, with merino wool for warmth and breathability in cool, cooler, and cold conditions.


For cool temps, Bontrager’s B2 short sleeve baselayer delivers core warmth and breathability with a soft blend of Profila Cool fabric and merino wool. Great for crisp early-winter days or mild southern climes where overheating is a concern.


When the mercury begins to fall, Bontrager’s B2 long sleeve baselayer offers additional arm protection to for warmth and comfort in mild to cooler winter temperatures. Like all Bontrager baselayers, the streamlined fit makes it easy to layer..


Reach for B3 when it’s cold—and we mean really cold. Available in long sleeve with a 1/4 zip option, B3 is our warmest and plushest merino wool baselayer, designed specifically for warmth and comfort during your most extreme winter adventures.

Sun's gone, thermals on

The right thermal gear is key to retaining body heat and insulating your core. Pairing Bontrager thermal gear with a baselayer is a great way to extend your season in cool weather.

Stop the wind

Wind is a fact of cycling, but it doesn't have to keep you from riding. On blustery days, Bontrager's wind-blocking apparel keeps the chill out.

When the temps drop

Cool air, don't care. Bontrager's S1 apparel will keep you rolling when the mercury drops, and even when the white flakes fall, with softshell protection on the front and a breathable thermal back so you won't overheat.

O.K., now it's really cold

Bontrager's S2 apparel was designed specifically for the brave souls—few in number, and perhaps slightly unhinged—who ride year-round, whatever the weather. Whereas S1 apparel features a softshell front for leading-edge protection, S2 offers a full 360° of softshell for shelter from winter's most extreme elements.

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