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Available Spring 2017

There’s no reason to hit the snooze button when your morning commute feels like a dream. Super Commuter+ is the electric bicycle that makes getting where you need to go exactly where you want to be.

Super Commuter+ pairs our most advanced e-bike technologies with Bosch’s longest lasting battery for a ride that redefines the experience of getting around on two wheels.

Inspiring design and performance

Lights, fenders, and a powerful motor are integrated with thoughtful design details for a ride that’s as beautiful as it is convenient.

Ready for any trip

This bike actually can replace your car. With speeds of up to 28mph, and the stability to ride anywhere, Super Commuter+ is perfect for every journey.

Take the long way home

Integrated SuperNova lights maximize visibility, while the long-distance battery lets you ride longer, stay stronger, and explore more of the world around you.

Control and comfort at any speed

Super Commuter+ is no hybrid with a battery slapped on. Wide, high-volume tires are paired with hydraulic disc brakes to deliver confident handling at all times.