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A cyclist riding a Trek bicycle on a Wahoo Fitness bike trainer set up in front of a television in a basement.

As much as we hate to admit it…

…there are days when riding outside just isn’t an option. But just because you can't ride outside doesn't mean you can't ride! Indoor bike trainers let you stay in the saddle all year long, and we have plenty of options to fit every rider, from beginners to serious cyclists and everything in-between.

Wondering where to begin? Check out our bike trainer buyer’s guide below and visit us today to browse our wide selection of trainers and accessories. We have all the advice and equipment you need to make this your fittest year yet.

What’s an indoor trainer?

Indoor bike trainers are stationary bike setups that let you enjoy the fit and feel of your favorite bike from the comfort of your own home. Just connect your bike to your trainer, and you can spin through your “off-season”—no gym required. When you want to transform your pain cave back into your living room—or you’re surprised with a warm day or two—just remove your bike and your trainer can easily be stored away.

A Trek bicycle on a Wahoo Fitness bike trainer.

Saris Fluid2

Saris Fluid2 is a traditional flywheel trainer for riders who want to spin through the year’s coldest months. It offers progressive resistance that matches the effort you put in, so the harder you pedal, the more resistance you feel. And it’s incredibly quiet, too—so riders with roommates need not worry!

Smart trainers

Smart trainers let you connect to a computer to measure your power output, automatically adjust your resistance to mimic real rides, and supply you with metrics to track your performance. They also pair with virtual training software like Zwift, so you can turn your stationary miles into fun and engaging workouts and even ride online with friends.

Wahoo KICKR smart bike

Want a classic stationary bike with modern trimmings? The Wahoo KICKR smart bike is sleek, virtually silent, and offers a super realistic ride feel. You can easily adjust the fit, program the shifting and gearing to match your outdoor bike, and measure your speed, distance, power, and cadence without any extra sensors.

For casual riders
New to riding and want to keep your legs warm during the year’s coldest months? Try the Saris Fluid 2 indoor trainer. Complete your setup with a trainer-specific rear skewer, an ultra-quiet trainer tire, and a climbing block for a more stable ride.

For social riders
Ride with friends from the comfort of your own home and explore virtual training with the Wahoo KICKR Core and Wahoo KICKR Snap smart trainers. Make sure to grab a mat to muffle your early morning sessions and a fan to keep you cool when your ride heats up.*

Wahoo KICKR Headwind Bluetooth Fan

A classic trainer with fluid resistance and a balanced flywheel for a road-like experience

Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat

A water-resistant and anti-slip mat that keeps your trainer in place no matter how much you sweat

Wahoo KICKR Core Smart Trainer

A direct drive (wheel-off) smart trainer with optimized flywheel technology for a quiet, realistic ride feel

Wahoo KICKR Snap Smart Trainer

A wheel-on smart trainer that’s easy to set up and connect to your favorite riding apps

For avid riders
If you’re serious about smashing your fitness goals and want the best tech available, opt for the Wahoo KICKR smart bike or smart trainer. Perfect your pro setup with the KICKR Climb, which mimics hills, and a smart fan that speeds up when you do.*

Wahoo KICKR Bike

A stationary bike with cutting-edge innovations that blurs the lines between virtual and reality

Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer

A best-in-class smart trainer with the most realistic ride feel and precise power accuracy

Wahoo KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

An indoor grade simulator that adjusts your bike position to mimic real climbs

Wahoo KICKR Headwind Bluetooth Fan

The first-ever smart fan designed to mirror the shape and position of a cyclist’s body while riding

*Wahoo products are available in-store only, and supplies vary by location.

A bicycle on a bike trainer set up on a mat outside of a building.

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