Two cyclists in the distance on a dirt path above a seaside setting, with overlayed graphic illustrations of a map's topography.

Focus on the road, path, or trail ahead with all-new adventure apparel from Bontrager. Whether you’re taking the gravel road less traveled, heading out on a multi-day bikepacking adventure, or hitting the trails with friends, our adventure collection gives you the freedom to explore, and keeps you comfortable wherever you wander. Ready to see the world from the saddle of a bike? Gear up, and get out there.

Adventure Wool Jersey

A mountainous canyon landscape with inset images of a woman and a man modeling bicycle jerseys.

Adventure Henley

A lookdown on a dirt road with the shadows of two cyclists, with inset images of woman and man modeling adventure apparel.

Adventure Chambray

Collage of images of a woman and man in adventure apparel, set on a desert landscape with Dead End road sign.

Adventure Ride Short

A dirt mountain trail in a seaside setting with inset images of a woman modeling Bontrager adventure apparel.

Adventure accessories

A seaside setting with a wooden Trail sign, with inset images of woman and man modeling Bontrager adventure apparel.

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A bike leaning against a rope and wood barrier as a man jumps over the barrier, with the ocean in the background.

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