At its core, freestyle mountain biking is an expression of creativity. The same lines can be ridden by hundreds of riders, but only those with the mark of greatness can bring a distinct style to the biggest terrain.

To honor this ethos, the Trek C3 Project partnered with JBL and the industry’s leading cinematographers to create a series of films that highlight each C3 Project rider’s dream session. We put no limits on the project, and the result is something extraordinary: the kind of riding that touches the very essence of imagination, individualism, and creativity.

In 2017, each of the C3 Project riders will be releasing their own film on this page. Welcome to the C3 Summer Series.

Ryan Howard

Every trail starts with a shovel. For the sixth and final installment of the C3 Project Summer Series, cinematographer Nic Genovese of Mind Spark Media takes us back to the roots, reminding us to acknowledge the magic created by mountain biking’s unsung heroes: trail builders. Watch as Ryan “R-Dog” Howard carves his way down the lush Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, throwing down big whips and endless style on an old favorite, and doing his part to shape the trail for riders to follow.

C3 x JBL

The dream of the C3 Project Video Series was brought to life through our creative partnership with JBL. We bring the bikes, they bring the party. JBL’s sound powers the riders of the Trek C3 Project and the world’s most epic athletes and musicians.

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Casey Brown

British Columbia’s Monashee Mountains are blanketed by snow most of the year, but their striking raw landscape is exposed for a few short months each summer, providing a small window of opportunity for riders to explore their granite slabs and glacial valleys, soaking in the alpine flowers along the way. Casey Brown took full advantage of this late summer window, grabbing her Remedy and charting a new path on the area’s rustic hiking trails and making the most of her rugged environs.

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Brett Rheeder

If handed lemons, you make lemonade. If Mother Nature hands you the driest, dustiest summer in a century, you put on an all-time smoke show. Though Brett Rheeder’s home in the Okanagan region in western British Columbia is experiencing one of its driest summers ever, the thin layer of dust kicked up by Brett's charging down the trail reminds us all that Mother Nature really does provide the best special effects.

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Brandon Semenuk

Rowdy trail riding, homegrown jumps, and yet more proof that Brandon Semenuk is one of the most progressive riders of all time. With every film dropped by Revel Co., he pushes the envelope of what’s possible on a mountain bike. In this new edit made in partnership with Trek and JBL, creativity takes new shape on trails in British Columbia and his own private backyard slopestyle course with Trek Session and Ticket.

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Cam McCaul

In hidden corners of the western United States, there are still landscapes of untouched, wild, and roaring trails. In this film by cinematographer Harrison Mendel, C3 Project legend Cam McCaul shows up to tame them. Watch McCaul, along with Ryan Howard and Dusty Wygle, turn the rugged backdrop into a playground aboard their Trek Remedy bikes.

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Tom van Steenbergen

Tom finds inspiration at the crossroads of slopestyle and big mountain riding. In his film, he brings his signature slopestyle moves to the quintessential big mountain proving ground: the desert of Utah. This segment, shot by Nic Genovese and Harrison Mendel, proves that the bluffs and buttes of Utah are a playground for more than just the biggest bikes.

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