Closeup of a tire’s siping and tread patterns.

A new set of the right tires can truly transform your ride. Whether you bike on the open road or in the city, on gravel paths or mountain trails, we’ll help you pick the best bike tires for however and wherever you love to ride.

Where will you ride?

Besides knowing what size tires will fit on your bike’s wheels, the most important thing to consider is the kind of surfaces and terrain you’ll be riding on most. Tires feel and perform best when ridden in the conditions they were designed for.

Landscape. An open road leads off into the distance, surrounded by scrub brush and desert rock outcroppings on either side.

If you ride mostly on pavement, you’ll want a smoother tire that rolls faster. Road tires are generally light, fast, and often feature built-in puncture protection for added durability. Racers often prioritize speed, weight, and ride feel, while more casual riders tend to look for durability, puncture protection, and tread life.

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If you ride mostly in the city on streets and paved paths, a city or hybrid tire is probably the best choice for you. These tires typically offer more traction while still rolling smoothly. Tires with built-in puncture protection can prevent flats and the additional durability gives you more miles and more smiles.

Landscape. A well-traveled mountain bike trail descends through rocky terrain.

If you’re looking for new mountain bike tires, think about the trails you like to ride. Are they rocky and technical? Smooth and fast? Do you prefer a faster, lighter tire or one that offers more traction and durability? Mountain bike tire treads vary greatly depending on the terrain they’re designed for, so you’ll want to choose a tire that’s suited for your favorite trails.

Landscape. A winding road leads off into the distance, with foothills on either side.

If you prefer paths less travelled and find yourself riding rougher roads or even gravel, look for a tire that’s designed to handle it. Gravel tires provide more traction yet still roll smooth. They also tend to have additional puncture protection built in. The same type of grippy-yet-fast tire also works well for cyclocross racing.

Awesome tires for any ride

A closeup of a bike tire’s tread pattern.

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