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The essence of riding

At the end of the day, we may ride for passion, play, or to push ourselves, but for Harriet ‘Haz’ Burbidge-Smith, Mike Ross, and newcomer Dan Butterworth, there’s more to it than that. It’s their calling – their Purpose. Watch as these athletes show you their determination and hard work across multiple MTB disciplines in this three-video series showcasing the riders’ true personalities. Purpose signifies the untamed spirit and passion of our athletes while emphasizing their relentless drive to conquer challenges and unveil the true enjoyment that riding bikes really brings.

About the riders

Harriet ‘Haz’ Burbidge-Smith

Haz may have started with her roots in BMX, but these days her heart is in Freeride MTB. She’s made a name for herself at events like Red Bull Formation, Darkfest, and hosting her own MTB camp – Momentum.
These days, she continues to push and strengthen her skills on the bike while taking top spots on podiums all across the Crankworx Tour.

Mike Ross

Mike is well on his way to becoming a MTB legend. Starting from a BMX background, Mike transitioned into Slopestyle, which proved to be the right decision. After winning his first Crankworx medal in Innsbruck in 2022, he had a taste for the podium, quickly adding to his bag of tricks to then take his first Gold medal of the 2023 year in Rotorua for Speed & Style.

Dan Butterworth

Dan is fresh and full of style. He’s breaking into the scene and shaking up the Crankworx Tour this year, giving the seasoned pros a run for their money. Concentrating on pump track after riding BMX in his youth, Dan is the embodiment of riding bikes and having fun, - he just goes for it.

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