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En stiv, slitesterk terrengsykkelsko med den sikre passformen Boa System gir og som er tøff nok for alle stier

Control the trails with the uncompromising Cambion Mountain Shoe. This high-performance bike shoe comes in a wide range of sizes for more riders and features a super stiff carbon sole and BOA® IP1 dials to keep you comfortable and performing at your best whether it's cross-country and cyclocross racing to gravel and singletrack trail rides.

Detaljer om produktet

  1. inForm Pro last delivers an ergonomically optimized, high-performance fit
  2. Stiff Silver Series carbon/fiberglass composite sole provides better power transfer
  3. Single BOA® IP1 dial allows precise, two-way fit adjustments
  4. Stiffness index 12 of 14
  5. Tachyon rubber outsole allows great grip in all terrains
  6. Perforated synthetic uppers allow increased breathability and comfort
  7. Asymmetrical design and superior lace routing system reduces top-of-foot pressure for a more secure fit
  8. Durable GnarGuard outer material protects against abrasions and fights debris

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Kjønn Unisex
Compatibel met schoenplaatjes SPD 2-bolt
Kloss-beskyttere inkludert Nei
Låstype Strammehjul
Fiberinnhold – såle 75 % glassfiber/25 % enretningskarbon
Fiber content - upper 55 % PU/22 % PET/12 % nylon/7 % polyester/4 % TPU
Fiberinnhold – Fôr 45 % nylon/45 % polyester/5 % Spandex/5 % TPU
Veske inkludert Nei
Vi forbeholder oss retten til å endre produktinformasjonen på denne siden til enhver tid uten nærmere beskrivelse, inkludert utstyr, spesifikasjoner, modeller, farger og materiale.

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UK Dame


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