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Trek Waterloo Women's T-shirt

₩35,000 모델 22615
T-shirts are a staple in every great wardrobe. Let your style reflect your passion.  
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Let the good times flow

When riders talk about a trail, a bike, or a lifestyle, "flow" is always a good thing

When designing this shirt, it was only natural that we started with flow. It provides the full-on flow that riders crave with a cut that fits perfectly every time

제품 상세 내용

  1. Super-comfortable tri blend material (50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon)
  2. Perfect when paired with jeans, shorts, and a good time
  3. Fits and feels like your favorite worn tee right out of the box
  4. Fitted and flowy in the right places for full movement
  5. Made in Central America (Honduras Nicaragua)

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Gender 여성용
핏 프로필 세미 핏
Fiber content 50% 면 / 25% 폴리에스테르 / 25% 레이온
소재 니트
Sleeve length 짧은 소매

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