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El paseo es mejor cuando están todos juntos

Domane+ LT

Our lightest electric road bike ever looks, pedals, and handles like the road bikes you know, and gives you a part-time assist with a hidden Fazua motor you can seamlessly kick on for the biggest climbs and fastest group rides.

Ride with anyone, anywhere

Of all the things that make rides great, it's the company you keep that matters most. The all-new Domane+ LT lets you keep company with anyone, anywhere—even if they’re faster, even when you’re climbing, and even when you’re riding all day.

Premium Fazua drive system

Lightweight, discreet, and speedy

Domane+ LT is powered by a sleek, frame-integrated Fazua system and a 250Wh battery that delivers the perfect amount of part-time power for the hardest climbs and fastest group rides. It’s thanks to this lightweight, hidden system that Domane+ LT has the looks and handling of a standard road bike.

For rides where you know you won’t want assist, the whole system can be removed in a matter of seconds, and you can install an available cover to keep the inside of your frame protected.

Electric or analog

The Fazua drive system and battery can be removed in seconds for rides where you won’t use assist.

250Wh battery

The hidden Fazua battery delivers 250Wh for up to 65 miles of continuous assist on a single charge.

3 hours

Go from fully drained to fully charged in under three hours using your standard household outlet.

Top tube controls

The controls for the Fazua system are fully integrated into Domane+ LT's top tube, which opens up space on your handlebar for a GPS and other ride essentials.

Removeable drivepack

The Fazua system is fully removeable at home, and when it's not installed you can ride Domane+ LT like a standard road bike.

Goes fast, feels smooth

A tradition of versatility

Domane+ LT is built in the heritage of our award-winning endurance road bike, and it has the same go-anywhere Domane spirit. Hydraulic disc brakes, road-smoothing IsoSpeed, and extra tire clearance give deliver stability and confidence on your fastest, farthest, most adventurous road rides.

The smooth advantage

Front and Rear IsoSpeed soak up fatiguing bumps in the road so you can stay stronger longer.

Free speed

Design elements like hidden cables and aerodynamic tube shaping make Domane as fast as it is comfortable.

Massive tire clearance

Domane can fit tires up to 38c wide for fast, confident riding on the roughest roads.

Disc brakes

Disc brakes provide superior performance and stopping power under harsh conditions.

Customize your ride

Domane+ LT is now available for customization through Project One, where you can update parts and choose from thousands of custom color options, including premium Project One ICON paint schemes.

Explore the Domane family

Domane SLR

Rueda rápido, se siente suave. Conoce la bici que Bicycling Magazine llamó “la mejor bici de carrera que ha hecho Trek”.

Domane+ HP

Gran batería. Gran velocidad. Gran diversión. La Domane+ HP es nuestra bici de carrera eléctrica más rápida y de mayor rango, y es perfecta para ciclistas que quieren mantener la asistencia activada en todo momento.

Domane+ LT

La bici de carrera eléctrica más ligera de nuestra historia pesa sólo 29.9 lbs gracias a su cuadro de OCLV Carbon. El sistema de propulsión Fazua ligero se activa de forma optimizada cuando quieras una asistencia de tiempo parcial, y también obtienes la magia que suaviza el camino de IsoSpeed.

Domane+ ALR

Nuestra bici de carrera eléctrica más asequible, gracias a su cuadro de aleación premium ligero. El sistema de propulsión Fazua elegante e integrado te ofrece asistencia on-demand siempre que la necesites.

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