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Bontrager Deluxe Plus Rear Trunk Bag

Model 14604
A versatile bag featuring hook-and-loop straps designed to fit a wide range of rear cargo racks.
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Fast and easy to use on a wide range of rear racks, the Bontrager Rear Trunk Bag is available in three sizes to fit a wide range of rider needs.

Product details

  1. Secures to the rear rack via two hook-and-loop straps
  2. Features an expandable top
  3. 270+ degree reflective top flap and expandable top
  4. Integrated expandable side panniers for larger loads
  5. Elastic top mesh pockets
  6. Storable and expandable rain covers

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Cargo capacity 600-2200 cu in (10-36 l)
Bag type Trunk Bags
Dimensions 37.5cm (l) x 18cm (w) x 19.5cm (h)
Attachment Hook and loop strap
Fibre content 100% Nylon
Material Woven

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