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Full Stache is a full suspension trail bike with 29+ mid-fat tyres built for riders with an oversized appetite for rugged trails and exploration in the untamed wild

Ultra-capable 29+ tyres

The core of Full Stache's unique personality, these big tyres with low air pressure put a lot of tread on the dirt for obscene amounts of traction. All that grip really comes in handy when you're railing corners, scrambling up tricky climbs or ploughing through loose terrain.

Bred from the backcountry

Full Stache is an extra-sure-footed trail bike built to rip through the most rugged terrain. It looks forward to long days on rough trails, and is happy to trade a few grams for incredible capability. It looks so different because, well, it’s built to tackle rides that other trail bikes simply can’t.

130 mm of full suspension capability with ABP and RE:aktiv

Full Stache features 130 mm of front and rear suspension travel with exclusive Trek technology like Active Braking Pivot and RE:aktiv so you can seek out bigger lines and stay in control over the most daunting terrain.

Monster-truck build, sports-car frame

Unlike other bikes with 29 x 3˝ tyres, Full Stache features short 430 mm chainstays. This means that you get astonishingly agile handling for all that big-wheel momentum. How did we do it? By designing Full Stache specifically for 29+ tyres with an elevated and shaped chainstay and a new suspension layout.

Ultra-stiff frame with built-in protection

Trek's Straight Shot downtube makes the frame extra stiff without adding any weight. You'll feel more composed and confident on even the most bone-jarring terrain. Knock Block keeps the fork crown and handlebar controls from impacting the frame.

New Bontrager XR4 tyres

New Bontrager XR4 29 x 3” tyres bring big, aggressive treads to the 29+ category. Finally, there is a 29+ tyre up to the rigours of backcountry riding

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