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Workday commute to weekend adventure

The drop-bar CrossRip is sure-footed when roads get rough, quick in traffic and comfortable over the long haul. Commuter? Gravel grinder? Café racer?

CrossRip pairs the efficiency of a road bike with the go-anywhere durability of something more. It's the one bike that takes you from your workday commute right into your weekend adventure.

Any road versatility

Whether you're riding to the office on a paved trail or finding freedom on a gravel road, CrossRip is the faster way to fun.

Fast and light

CrossRip's lightweight Alpha Aluminium frame delivers a responsive, nimble, fast and flat-out fun ride.

Make it yours

A stripped commuter ready to be dressed the way you want it. Rack? Mudguards? Lights? Set it up for the way you ride.

All-weather disc brakes

CrossRip is equipped with disc brakes for precision braking, stopping power and control in all weather conditions.

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