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The commuting weapon

This bike is fast! XM700+ is the commuting tool for bicycle commuters who are looking for an electric bike that supports up to a whopping 45 km/h.

Say goodbye to parking fees and fighting for a space. This speedy electric bike will let you leave your car at home. Why not work out on your way to work? XM700+ makes it possible.

Sporty design

It's not just the sporty geometry, but also the location of the battery and the parts selection that make this bike one of the sportiest RIDE+ electric bikes.

Motor Armor

The location of the Bosch center motor makes it vulnerable to road damage, so Trek engineers in the Netherlands developed the our exclusive lightweight Motor Armor for protection.

Lightweight and elegant

The XM700+ features a lightweight frame that elegantly hides the cables.

Support up to 45 km/h

When 25km/h just isn’t enough, the powerful Bosch support system provides support of up to 40km/h. We recommend wearing a helmet on the XM700+.

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