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TM+ Series

Our TM+ bike is an all-round RIDE+ electric bike with a smart, efficient and extremely durable final assembly. A large range of action, optimal weight distribution and the extremely reliable Bosch system are the strong points of this e-bike.

Exquisite frame

Lightweight aluminum frame is designed especially for the Bosch Active Cruise system. Perfect integration of the Dutch-made frame with the Bosch center motor results in a very stable ride.

Fully balanced

Electric bicycles in the Trek TM+ Series have a balanced weight distribution, with predictable and responsive steering.

Always in the right gear

The NuVinci H/Sync hub integrated into the Bosch system allows you to adjust an infinite number of gears to your needs. Just set your best cadence and the hub takes care of the rest, no matter if it's uphill or downhill.

Bontrager Satellite Forklight 2.0

The new Forklight is 5% lighter than its Innovation Award-winning predecessor. This fork combines a sleek and elegant design with a contemporary lighting solution.

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