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Bontrager Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Covers

Model 14774
Cold-weather comfort with the detectability of biomotion.
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Beautiful biomotion

The Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Cover is your answer for day and night detectability at temps at or above 30°F/-1°C. With both high-visibility colour and reflective material in a single garment, Halo provides ultimate visibility, whether during the day or at night.

Product details

  1. Choose the right gear for your climate: S1 for above freezing, S2 for below
  2. Softshell fabric provides water resistance and windproof protection in cold and wet conditions
  3. Provides biomotion visibility to ensure that you're seen by motorists, day or night
  4. The YKK zip makes for easy on and off
  5. Designed for use with road or mountain shoes for maximum versatility
  6. A fitted cut provides streamlined shoe fit even with dial and buckle closures
  7. A fitted cut provides streamlined shoe fit even with dial and buckle closures


Highlight the moving parts that make you recognisable as human—your feet and legs—with fluorescent colourways during daylight and reflective material at night. The right shoes, socks and warmers can all help you draw attention to these moving parts to create a visual impact. After daytime running lights, biomotion is your next step towards detectability.

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Fibre content 51.5% Polyester/22.5% Rubber/15.7% Polyurethane/7% Nylon/2.6% Elastane/0.7% Polyethylene

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