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Bontrager Ion Elite R/Flare R City Bike Light Set

€134.99(MSRP) (MSRP) (MSRP) Model 27822
Light up your ride day or night with this USB-chargeable bicycle light set ready to be used as a daytime running light or illuminate any trail after dark.
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See and be seen

See and be seen with the Ion Elite R/Flare R City Set. The Ion Elite R provides enough power to light up any road or trail, and the Flare R City gives you the added safety of a rear daytime running light. Both are USB-chargeable and feature distinctive daytime flash settings that are visible from up to 2km away.

Product details

  1. Ion Elite R provides a powerful beam that lights up the full width of any road or trail
  2. Flare R City provides a wide visibility angle ideal for streets and paths
  3. Specifically designed focus, flash and range patterns offer ultimate daytime visibility
  4. Easily attaches to your handlebars, helmet or bike mount
  5. Includes Ion Elite R, Flare R City, adjustable hard mount, quick-connect bracket and micro USB charging cable

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Ion Elite R / Flare R City Light Set

Stay trail-ready and daytime-visible with this powerful light set.

Flare R City

Designed to be daylight visible with a 120 degree beam spread that’s perfectly suited for city and urban riding.

Ion Elite R

A 1,000 Lumen, USB-rechargeable front light with enough power to light up any road or trail. It can be seen from 2 km as a Daytime Running Light.

Daytime running lights

Research suggests that riding with a daytime-visible flashing light is the single best product solution for making a cyclist more noticeable.

Not all lights are created equal

The distinctive flash, focus and range of Bontrager's Daytime Running Lights are designed to cut through distractions and capture a driver's attention from a meaningful distance.

Blendr integration

Blendr compatibility makes clean installation on any bike a breeze.


Rechargeable Yes
Battery 5,000 Li-Ion
Weight 214g

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