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Domane+ FAQ

Domane+ frequently asked questions

What is a Domane+
A bike for people who want to ride farther, faster, and longer. More specifically, it is an electric pedal assist, carbon-framed road bike built for endurance road riding.

What is the max speed and gearing?
The maximum electrically assisted speed is 28MPH.

Which Bosch system is used?
Domane+ comes equipped with the Bosch Performance Speed drive unit. Bosch Purion display is implemented for intuitive operation. The included 500Wh Bosch Powertube battery incorporates the Trek-engineered RIB system that makes installation, removal, and transportation of the battery a breeze.

What is the range?
The range depends highly upon the terrain and riding style. It is not uncommon to achieve 50-60 miles on “Eco” mode, and up to 30 miles on “Turbo”. Switching modes throughout the course of a ride is a good way to maximize your range. Use Turbo mode for the big hills, or for beating a difficult headwind. Use Eco mode to extend your riding experience for a multi-hour adventure.

How do you know how much range you have while you are riding?
The Bosch user-interface and display is able to provide real-time range estimates based on your riding style and selected mode of assist.

How long does it take to charge?
With the 4-amp charger provided, it will take approximately 3-4 hours to achieve a full charge from “empty”.

How is the braking performance?
The braking performance is on par with any other Trek disc-brake-equipped road bike.

What safety features are built into the Domane+?
Domane+ comes standard with the brand new Bontrager Lync lighting system. The front light component implements the latest bicycle illumination standards to provide powerful and effective lighting in front of your bicycle. A rearward facing light for enhanced rider visibility and safety is incorporated into the saddle. All Domane+ models come standard with high quality 160mm diameter front and rear disc rotors for effective stopping in all weather conditions.

What tires come with the bike?
Domane+ comes standard with Schwalbe G-One Speed tires in 700x35c. These are high performance tires that also excel on rough roads. They are Bontrager TLR system compatible.

What accessories are integrated in the bike?
Integrated accessories include the Bontrager Lync front and rear light and Bosch Purion display unit. Domane+ also features fully integrated cable routing.

What accessories can I add to the bike?
Domane+ accepts many standard accessories that your customers are used to adding to their standard road bikes. This includes: Bontrager front and rear fenders, water bottle cages, and Blendr accessories.

What also comes with the bike?
Domane+ ships standard with a 500Wh battery pack which will achieve the ranges detailed earlier in this document.

Where can this bike be serviced?
It is recommended that service for this bike take place at any Trek Bicycle Store which is capable of servicing Trek Electric Bicycles. However, because many of the components are standard bicycle components, it may be possible to service non-electric components at other stores.

Can I ride it without the assist?

How many assist modes does Domane+ have?
There are 4 modes of assist: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo. Eco and Tour modes have been specifically Trek-tuned to offer maximum range and an ideal “group-ride” assist dynamic.

How do I charge the bike?
Domane+ ships with a 4-amp charger that can be plugged into most wall sockets. You may charge the battery through the integrated charge port near the bottom of the down tube, or by removing the battery from the frame and charging it separately.

What if I lose my battery key?
Any Trek Bicycle Store will be able to procure a new key for you. However, Domane+ will still function normally, except that charging of the battery must occur via the integrated charging port, located just in front of the bottom bracket on the left side. You will not be able to remove the battery without a key.

Can I leave the battery on the bike?

Is the bike waterproof?
The pedal assist system and its components are all able to withstand inclement weather including rain and snow. However, submersion of the pedal assist system or its components is not recommended and may void your warranty. Non-pedal assist components such as derailleurs, shifters and wheel hubs are no different from standard road bike components and should be treated as such.

Can I get a replacement battery or a 2nd battery?

Can I lock the battery?
Yes, the battery is only removable with the key supplied with the Domane+.

What’s the warranty?
Like all Trek bikes, the frame is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Bosch offers a warranty of 2 years on the motor and 500 charge cycles or 2 years on the battery.

What makes the Domane+ durable?
Domane+ is built with Trek’s OCLV carbon fiber layup technology which emphasis low weight while retaining durability and longevity. High-end SRAM Force CX components designed for cyclocross racing ensure great shifting and braking performance.

Can I charge while pedaling?

Will the bike work without the battery?
Yes, Domane+ will be rideable without a battery. Shifting and braking are not impacted. The headlight and taillight will not function, as they are powered by the battery.

Will the lights still work if the battery is dead?
Once the pedal assist system indicates “zero” miles and shuts off, there is still residual charge within the battery. This will enable the front and rear lights to be powered, although their performance may be slightly reduced. After a period of time this residual charge will become insufficient to power the front and rear light and they will shut off.

What does the bike weigh?
56cm - 17.19 kg / 37.89 lbs

Is there a rider weight limit?
The rider weight limit is the standard 275lb seen on other Trek road bikes.

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