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Side profile of the bottom half of a woman in street clothes riding a bike on a paved street.

These bikes are a great fit for competitive bikers, casual bikers, and commuters alike. They’re as versatile as they are comfortable.

Everything you need

Fully decked out with rear racks, lights, locks by ABUS, and hydraulic disc brakes. The nine gears will get you going before you know it, and smoothly keep you going through thick and thin.

The new black

The T Series offers both women's and men's bikes in classic black. The bike is equipped with a light hydroformed aluminum frame. A maneuverable and stylish bike the lowest road weight in its class!

Nice and clean

The T Series have a simple, but well thought out construction. Every part is specifically chosen to give you a fast, nice ride, no matter if you're doing urban commuting or enjoying a pleasant ride in the countryside.

Multifaceted hybrid

The T Series is extremely versatile. It's a light, fast and modern bike for the city commuter, and a good friend on long trips along country roads. The T Series will take anything you throw at them.

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