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Stability runs deep

Carbon wheels are aerodynamic, light, and fast. But they’ve also had their drawbacks. Braking can be sketchy, and carbon hoops can blow you all over the road in a strong crosswind. Until now.

The all-new Aeolus XXX wheels are built on a wider rim with a redesigned shape that’s both faster and more stable in all conditions—including crosswinds. Now you can run a deeper, more aerodynamic wheel with more confidence than ever. Experience superior aerodynamic performance, better braking, and better stability for road, gravel, and cyclocross for yourself. Ride Aeolus XXX today.

Crosswinds? What crosswinds?

On the open road, wind comes from all different directions. That’s why we redefined a high-performance wheel to be one that does more than cut through headwinds in a wind-tunnel. Aeolus XXX is optimized for stability in real-world conditions, even the strongest crosswinds.

Confident all-weather braking performance

Confidence to ride your fastest requires absolute confidence in your ability to stop. The all-new Laser Control Track massively improves braking performance for stopping power directly comparable to alloy rims, even in wet conditions.

All-new wider shape

Aeolus XXX benefits from a wider 21mm internal rim and all-new shapes optimized for each depth and intended use. The result is best-in-class aerodynamics and stability at all three rim depths.

Superior aerodynamics

Unlike many of its competitors, Aeolus XXX is optimized for aerodynamic performance in wind conditions of all types. But don’t worry, it also beats them in the wind tunnel.

Ultralight American-made carbon

OCLV XXX Carbon is made from advanced aerospace materials right here at Trek’s Global Headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA.

Confidence in carbon

Bontrager’s Carbon Care wheel program offers solutions for wheel damage that occurs outside warranty so that you can ride to your limit without worry.

Ride the rim that’s right for you

Interested in learning more about the development process and tech behind Aeolus XXX? Read the detailed tech document at the link below:

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