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The Pumpkin Waffle

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Ask anybody who's been with Trek for longer than 5 years what the biggest improvement the company has experienced is, and you'll find the answer unanimous: the food. We're cyclists. We're always hungry. And lucky for us, Trek's very own chef, Matt Lovely, is the man charged with fuelling the people that power the bike company.

As quick with a paring knife as he is with a joke, and always equipped with a wide smile, when he's not piloting another successful Taco Tuesday or Stir-Thursday, Matt can be found in the company's kitchen tinkering with myriad new ideas to improve the culinary experience and overall nutrition of Trek.

Earlier this year, one of Matt's tinkering sessions struck gold in the form of a curiously shaped and immediately popular jersey pocket pumpkin waffle. What’s tastier than a classic Belgian treat popular among children and cyclists alike, combined with that uniquely American autumn harvest staple, pumpkin? Sized to slide seamlessly in and out of a jersey pocket and graced with the ingredients that keep a cyclist pushing the pedals, Matt's pumpkin waffles have become a hotly sought-after autumn ride commodity. We test-rode them on the first ever RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) – a one-day, 175-mile grinder spanning the width of our home state – and let's just say that more than a few finishes were credited to the waffle. We asked Matt if he'd share the recipe for his subtly sweet waffles, and luckily for you, he obliged. Autumn is the best season to ride a bike – and now it’s the most delicious too.


Waffle iron
Basting or pastry brush

1.2 kg flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp ground clove
1 tsp cinnamon
225 g tinned pumpkin ( or 225 g roasted and puréed pumpkin)
160 g corn meal (fine polenta)
75 g chopped walnuts
1 shot Maple syrup
2.3 litres almond milk
Melted butter

Makes 36 waffles

1. Measure and set aside all the ingredients.

2. Heat the almond milk until warm (do not boil). Set aside.

3. Pour the flour into large mixing bowl and add the sugar, clove, cinnamon and pumpkin.

4. Slowly add the warm almond milk. Save a little in case you need more after mixing.

5. Mix by hand and roll into small balls.

6. Paint the dough balls and waffle iron with melted butter, and add the dough.

7. Remove once thoroughly baked.

8. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon, wrap in greaseproof paper, place in your jersey pocket and go for a ride!

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