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For many of us, rugged and desolate landscapes have an inescapable draw. When we’re not riding, we’re planning. We pore over topographies, scout routes and spend nights dreaming about places so far out there we can feel the thrill of exposure in our bones.

But there’s a balance to that kind of adventure, as photographer Dan Milner and Bike Magazine Editor Will Ritchie discovered on their recent trip to Argentina, where they and Trek’s Travis Brown put Full Stache through the ringer. Is there such a thing as too far? And how will we know when we get there?

The trails – can we call them trails? – may have been sparse, but they held the storied tracks of pre-Incan travellers. Over three days, the crew followed ancient trade routes connecting the ocean and jungles of Chile to Argentina’s Puna de Atacama plateau region, facing a hardened high-altitude environment where even the plants can harm you.

On their journey, they were humbled not just by the landscape of vastness, but also by a new understanding of the importance tourism done properly. They took only photographs and left no trace, but the landscape and the people that they met along the way made a lasting impact on them.

As it turned out, Full Stache was the right bike for this adventure. In fact, it might have been the only bike for it.

Read more about their voyage across unmarked trails separating nothingness on a vanishing path picked by their seemingly omniscient guide, and the challenges and triumphs that come with riding on the far side of adventure.

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Full Stache: Born to explore

Full Stache is a full suspension 29+ trail bike with an oversized appetite for rugged backcountry riding. It delivers the fun-loving traction and stability of the 29+ platform, with a suspension set-up that begs to rip through primitive terrain. Looking for a companion for that wild adventure you’ve been planning? This is it.

29+ tyres

Sure-footed 29x3˝ mid-fat tyres for stability and extra traction through the rough.

130 mm of travel

The first full suspension 29+ bike with real trail bike travel, so you can charge through obstacles on primitive trails.

Compact suspension layout

The main pivot and rocker link are forward of the seat tube, which makes room for oversized 29+ tyres in a compact package.

Super-short chainstays

Thanks to 430 mm chainstays made possible by an elevated driveside design, Full Stache has an obscene amount of agility.

Straight Shot downtube

The increased stiffness from the Straight Shot Downtube keeps Full Stache composed and confident on the trail.

Knock Block frame defence

Integrated frame protection stops spinning bars from hitting the top tube and the fork crown from hitting the downtube.

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