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Bontrager Bike Wash

£10.99 Model 23383
A high-performance bike wash that’s designed to clean your bicycle gently and effectively to keep it looking its best.
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So fresh and so clean

Superior dirt-lifting and cleaning abilities make Bontrager's Bike Wash the easiest and most effective way to clean your bike. It's formulated specifically for bicycles, so you can save your dish soap for the dishes and your shampoo for the shower.

Product details

  1. High-performance bike wash designed for all bikes and all paint finishes
  2. The proprietary formula is Trek's factory-recommended bike wash
  3. Also great for cleaning wheels, tyres and shoes
  4. Pleasing cherry scent
  5. Spray directly onto the bike, wait to allow it to soak and clean with a soft brush
  6. The 946 ml spray bottle is easy to use and refillable with diluted Bontrager Degreaser
  7. Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest

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Size 946mL (32oz), Spray
Volume 946 ml (32 oz)
Delivery Spray
Type Cleaner

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