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Bontrager Comp Brake Cable & Housing Set

£14.99 Model 24737
Comp level brake cable and housing set from Bontrager to enhance your ride.
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Smooth performance

Rejuvenate the performance of your brakes with this convenient and valuable kit that includes all parts needed for installation.

Kit includes lubed housing, pre-stretched stainless steel cables, ferrules, cable frame protectors, and cable end caps for front and rear brakes.

Product details

  1. This convenient and valuable kit is the key to restoring your brake's performance
  2. Compatible with nearly all braking systems
  3. Stainless steel cables are 2750mm and 1700mm long, for front and rear brakes
  4. Compressionless housing comes pre-lubed is 3000 mm long
  5. Kit includes Comp brake ferrules, cable frame protectors, and cable end caps
  6. Included stainless steel cables are rust-proof and come pre-stretched

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Length 2,750/1,700 mm (3,000 mm housing)
Cable diameter 1.5 mm
Type Brake
Cable head type Universal
Material Stainless Slick

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