An extreme closeup of WaveCel material.

WaveCel is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology that has been shown in a recent study to be 5x more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents.*

*Based on reduction in rotational acceleration at impact. Probability of injury in an actual accident depends on numerous factors, including nature of impact and individual health. Applies only to Bontrager XXX, Specter, Blaze, and Charge WaveCel helmets.

WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that is designed to be more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents. It works by going through a three-step change in material structure to help absorb the force of impact before it reaches your head.

This Bontrager-exclusive material is the brainchild of a biomechanical engineer and an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to solve the problem of cycling-related head injuries in active people. It’s the first advanced helmet technology ever to receive funding from the US National Institute of Health.

Check out the full study to learn more about WaveCel and the major advancement in the protection against cycling-related head injuries. You’ll never want to ride in anything else.

Read the study

We recommended wearing a helmet at all times while cycling. No helmet can completely prevent injury, including concussions, in every type of cycling accident. Some portions of helmets with an insert, such as the perimeter portion, will have properties similar to EPS helmets.

Michael Bottlang, PhD

Dr. Michael Bottlang is the founder of the Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory in Portland, Oregon. Since 2002, he has continually received research funding from the US National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense. His inventions have been adopted by the US Army and medical professionals throughout Europe and North America, and today impact patient care around the world.

Steven Madey, MD

Dr. Steven Madey is an award-winning orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and microvascular surgery. In 2017, he founded Go To Ortho, an on-demand urgent care clinic in Oregon that treats muscular-skeletal injuries outside of the costly ER setting. He and Dr. Bottlang have collaborated for 25 years, pioneering advances in fracture care, thoracic and pelvic trauma, and head injury prevention.

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