Zektor | Kola Trek (CZ)
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Exhilarate your daily grind

Zektor is a new way to move through cities and urban areas. It's just as practical as a standard commuter, but more aggressive for a faster, more engaging ride.

It's not enough to get from A to B. Zektor's agile, responsive ride feel and all-weather build bring a heavy dose of excitement to your daily commute.

Designed for speed

A bike that is just as fast as it looks. Every design element is engineered for quickness. Strap in and hold on!

Modern function

Modern refinements like disc brakes for all-weather confidence and puncture-resistant tires keep you riding in any conditions.

Make it yours

A stripped commuter ready to be dressed the way you want it. Rack? Fenders? Lights? Set it up for the way you ride.

Steadfast stopping power

Weatherproof disc brakes provide confident stopping power in all conditions.

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