California Transparency Act

Trek Bicycle Corporation is committed to ensuring that its products are manufactured and produced under conditions of employment that respect workers and their rights. Trek does not use and does not permit the use of human trafficking or slavery in the production of any of its products.

Trek Bicycle Corporation has established documented supplier agreements throughout its supply chain, explicitly stating that no violation of any federal, state or local law, statue, rule, regulation, ordinance or order will result from the manufacture, production, sale or shipment of any of the goods and that all such goods will comply in all respects with all such laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and orders. In addition, Trek will not tolerate any harassment, abuse, or discrimination in any of its factories or suppliers’ factories.

Trek requires its major suppliers to fully disclose their hiring and labor practices on a regular basis by completing detailed profiles.

Trek routinely audits all major suppliers and dedicates resources to monitor their labor, environmental, health and safety practices.

Trek routinely conducts interviews of our suppliers’ employees by local Trek staff.

Trek will continue to ensure its products are produced in a manner that promotes workers’ rights and strive to eradicate slavery and human trafficking throughout its supply chain.

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