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Electra 31.8mm Seatpost Clamps w/ Rack Mounts

CHF 9.00 - CHF 11.00(PPC) (PPC) (PPC) Modèle 25889

Adjust your saddle and add a rack with a few turns of the wrist.

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Business in the front, party in the rack

Want in on the fun? Add this clamp to your seatpost, set your saddle and tighten with an allen wrench.

You and your ride will be rack ready in no time.

Détails des produits

  1. All Cruiser and Amsterdam rear racks require a seat clamp with rack mounts
  2. Replaces your current seatpost clamp
  3. 31.8mm size fits Electra aluminum alloy frames
  4. Not designed for use on Electra Townie models
  5. Available in silver and black

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