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Bontrager Paradigm RXL Carbon Road Bike Saddle

239,99 $ Modèle 11796

Apparence minimaliste. Performance maximale. Réservée aux cyclistes chevronnés.

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When it fits, it feels so good

Unparalleled performance and comfort come together in the Paradigm RXL saddle. Whether you're a committed racer or an aspiring endurance rider, go faster and ride more miles with proper skeletal support and maximum pressure relief to the perennial area. Minimalist construction of a carbon fiber-reinforced shell and oversized carbon rails make this ultra-sleek saddle stylish, and guaranteed to be comfortable. Choose from one of three widths for a personalized fit.

Détails des produits

  1. Posture 2 - Aggressive: Forward pelvic rotation for athletes with a high degree of flexibility
  2. Contour Relief Zone Plus - Cutaway design eliminates contact points on targeted soft tissue areas
  3. Size Specific Curvature - Curvature of each saddle is designed specific to its width
  4. Oversize Carbon Rails - For the ultimate in lightweight strength
  5. Carbon Reinforced Shell - Compliant carbon fiber-reinforced shell strikes a balance between strength and light weight
  6. inForm BioDynamics - Products designed to optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance
  7. Requires Oversize rail-compatible seatpost clamp. For Bontrager seatposts use part # 421564

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Taille 270mm x 128mm 270mm x 138mm 270mm x 148mm
Longueur 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm
Largeur 128 mm 138 mm 148 mm
Dimensions des rails Oval 7x10 mm (surdimensionné) Oval 7x10 mm (surdimensionné) Oval 7x10 mm (surdimensionné)
Matériau utilisé pour la housse Microfibre Microfibre Microfibre
Matériau utilisé pour les rails Fibre de carbone Fibre de carbone Fibre de carbone
Poids 163g 170g 178g
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