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Selle Royal Lookin Moderate Women's Bike Saddle

65,99 $ Modèle 32697
A comfortable saddle for slightly forward riding postures.
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Technology powered, design inspired

Lookin Moderate is equipped with comfortable padding and central windows that allow you to see the RoyalGel technology inside. The silver-colored side guards protect it from bumps and scratches, giving it a unique look.

Détails des produits

  1. Designed for a moderate 60° riding posture
  2. RoyalGel reduces pressure peaks by 40% compared to standard padding materials
  3. Cool Cover reflects sunlight stay 25°C cooler than standard black saddles
  4. Completely sealed and water resistant
  5. Elastomers work vertically and horizontally for non-deformable performance
  6. Side guards protect from bumps and scratches

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Taille 270mm x 195mm
Longueur 270 mm
Largeur 195 mm
Dimensions des rails Rond 7x7 mm (standard)
Matériau utilisé pour la housse Microfibre
Matériau utilisé pour les rails Acier
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