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The ultimate tubular tire

When there is mud on the course the Donnelly PDX is the tubular of choice. It’s race-proven PDX tread and innovative tubeless casing create the ultimate tubular tire.

PDX is the airport code for Portland, Oregon, where frequent rains create some of the muddiest cyclocross courses you’ll find anywhere.

Détails des produits

  1. Center knobs are aligned for a fast roll on hard pack and pavement
  2. Side knobs offer superior edge control and extra traction coming out of corners
  3. An all-around performer with a particular love for mud
  4. Durable sidewall coated with rubber to prevent deterioration from water and mud
  5. Cutting-edge innovative tubeless casing creates the ultimate tubular tire

Plus d'options


Taille 700C x 33mm
Diamètre 700C
Largeur 33 mm
Duromètre 70a
Type Boyau
Pression maximum 65 psi
ETRTO 33-622
Protection Anti-Crevaison Dessin bBelt
Clouté Non
Poids 378g
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