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100% Surpass Knee Guards

187,99 $ Modèle 31924
Body armor that is ready for DH duty but maintains comfort on the trail.
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No compromise, all-in-one coverage

Featuring a Level 2 impact rating, Surpass gear does everything well - light enough for cross country, protective enough for downhill, and breathable for all your pedaling needs.

Détails des produits

  1. Rubberized ventilated outer skin
  2. Strategically placed perimeter embossed foam padding with ventilation
  3. Fully ventilated plastic protective cup with high impact absorption
  4. Pre-curved chassis for attack position
  5. Internal elastic flex joint maintains chassis compression during pedaling
  6. Tacky silicone elastic webbing to prevent slippage
  7. Thigh and calf cinch for customizable fit and security

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