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Bontrager Evoke RL Women's Mountain Bike Saddle

$144.99 - $154.99 Model 11269
MTB-specific design with extra padding, shorter tail, and wider nose.
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Support your trail adventures

Add some padding to your mountain bike without slowing down your whip. The inForm BioDynamics Evoke RL saddle is the ultimate inForm BioDynamics saddle for epic trail adventures. Purpose-built for the challenges of off-road terrain, this saddle features abrasion-resistant sides for durability, a rounded rear profile to prevent any snagging, and a slightly wider nose section for a connected feel.

Product details

  1. Performance Posture 3 for pelvic rotation with a balance of comfort and efficiency
  2. Women Specific Design is engineered to yield better fit and comfort for women
  3. Contour Relief Zone (CRZ) recessed saddle cavity eases pressure on soft tissue
  4. Size Specific Curvature ensures each saddle is designed specific to its width
  5. Multi-zone density padding is strategically placed for optimal comfort and performance
  6. Carbon fiber-reinforced shell strikes a balance between strength and light weight
  7. Abrasion-resistant material is durable at vulnerable spots for increased saddle life

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Size 260mm x 134mm 260mm x 144mm 260mm x 154mm
Length 260mm 260mm 260mm
Width 134mm 144mm 154mm
Rail dimensions Round 7x7mm (Standard) Round 7x7mm (Standard) Round 7x7mm (Standard)
Cover material Microfiber Microfiber Microfiber
Rail material Hollow Titanium Hollow Titanium Hollow Titanium
Weight 230g 240g 256g

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