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CycleOps PowerSync ANT+ Trainer

$1,214.99 Model 13137
Once connected, you'll feel every epic climb, spin on all the flats,and test your FTP with +/- 5% accuracy thanks to our programmable resistance unit  with PowerTap technology.
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Take your training to a whole new level

Maintain your motivation and use the CycleOps PowerSync with ANT+ signal that changes resistance based upon information from CycleOps VirtualTraining.

Product details

  1. The only trainers to use PowerTap technology for maximum accuracy
  2. Ride virtually anywhere with resistance from Virtual Training software
  3. ANT+ or Bluetooth BLE Smart options

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Adjustable feet Yes
Adjustable resistance Yes
Foldable stand Yes
Skewer Yes
PC compatible Yes
Quick setup Yes
Weight 0.1g

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