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Bontrager Bearing Presses

$249.99 Model 07015
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When it's time for bearing maintenance on your Trek or Gary Fisher full-suspension mountain bike, you'll want genuine Bontrager Bearing Presses in your tool box. These presses are specifically designed to fit the bearings on Trek and Fisher bikes.

Product details

  1. 404581 fits all 2008 Fuel and Remedy bearings, plus Session 8 rocker/seatstay bearings
  2. 404318 fits Gary Fisher HiFi seatstay bearings and rocker bearings
  3. 403099 fits Gary Fisher HiFi main pivot bearings
  4. 406883 fits Session 8 bearings except rocker/seatstay bearings
  5. 419052 is the complete kit to service all Trek and Fisher FS bikes

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