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Bontrager Travel Charger Floor Pump

$74.99 Model 11668
High-volume travel pump with stable folding foot for on-the-go inflation ease.
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Cooler than a pocket dictionary

Going somewhere? The Bontrager Travel Charger bicycle tire pump is the essential travel companion when the itinerary calls for leaving the floor pump and C02 at home. This high-volume pump has a stabilizing foot that unfolds from the side of the pump, a protective travel case, and a long flexible hose that won't break your valve stems.

Product details

  1. High-volume travel pump with protective bag
  2. Stable, folding foot for pumping ease
  3. Long hose gives versatility and saves your valve stems
  4. Integrated pressure gauge for precision inflation
  5. Easy-to-stow size is 47cm long with a 42mm diameter
  6. 292g

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Weight 278g

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