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For anyone who’s ever wondered what’s just over the next ridge

The all-new E-Caliber’s got an appetite for distance, a love of XC speed, and the right amount of suspension and power to turn up your endurance on epic cross country rides.

If you’ve ever gazed into the great beyond and wished you had the juice to go farther, this is your dream electric mountain bike.

E-Caliber wins Outside Magazine’s 2021 Best eMTB award

As expected, the E-Caliber made us feel like the World Cup racers we wish we were, but the real benefit was that we were more willing to ride, rather than drive, to our favorite trails. Logging more miles in the same amount of time is a win in our book.” – Outside Editors

Trek’s lightest full suspension e-MTB ever


34 lbs / 15.5 kg (*E-Caliber 9.9 XX1 AXS model)


Up to 20 mph


55 Nm


Up to 70 km

The perfect XC assist

E-Caliber is built with an ultra-smooth internal Fazua Evation drive system that weighs just 4.6kg and delivers up to 70km of continuous assist.

When you ride faster than the max assist speed, you won't feel any drag or resistance—just the smooth speed of an ultra-fast XC race bike.

Smart software for the trail

The software in your e-bike system has an enormous impact on your trail experience. It’s what determines your power delivery—and this is especially important for e-MTBs. Fazua’s BLACK PEPPER software was designed specifically for the wonderfully variable terrain you find on any trail.

Power at any cadence

As your trail changes, your cadence needs to follow suit. BLACK PEPPER ensures you’re getting power whatever your pedaling speed, covering a wider range from 50 – 120 rpm.

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More responsive off the start

You’ll get immediate assistance when you start to pedal, without any lurching.

Intelligent assist

Fazua’s desktop software gives you full control through a simple USB interface. It allows you to customize your levels of assist, change your remote’s touch-sensitivity, update firmware, and perform diagnostic checks.

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Fast rides, right at your fingertips

Fazua’s all-new bX remote is a touch-sensitive, low-profile system designed for quick and intuitive changes between the three modes. In rainy weather, you can disable the touch control and opt for the remote’s mechanical button.

Three assist modes. Infinite possibility.

Breeze mode

The lightest assist mode gives you a constant 100 watts and the greatest range. It’s a gentle, efficient mode that lets you ride up to 70km with a boost.

River mode

The middle assist gives a maximum output of 210 watts, which is sufficient for most riding situations. You’ll feel the assist, but it won’t overwhelm your ride.

Rocket mode

The most aggressive setting helps you tackle the steepest sections at a maximum output of 250 watts.

Every E-Caliber is equipped with Trek’s exclusive IsoStrut shock—a structural suspension design that pairs 60mm of damped, tunable travel with unique pivotless seatstays that move with the trail to keep you smooth and fast.

e-XC geometry

E-Caliber is built with a geometry that's right for an electric XC bike. It's slightly slacker than Supercaliber, with a longer travel 120mm fork and a longer reach for extra stability at sustained high speeds.

One bike, two ways to love it

Turn your E-Caliber into an awesome analog XC bike by removing the Fazua motor and replacing the battery with the included hollow down tube insert. You'll save up to 6 lbs. and create a drag-free ride that feels just like a Supercaliber.

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Additional options


Hardtail efficiency meets full suspension control in Supercaliber. This game-changing XC race bike is fast, light, and smooth in the rough.

Domane+ LT

Trek’s lightest electric road bike ever, built with a Fazua drive system and road-smoothing magic of IsoSpeed.

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