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Electra Bicycle Cover

29,99 €(PPC) (PPC) (PPC) Modèle 12598
Elements, schmelements. Keep your bike looking great for years to come.
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Not today, Mother Nature.

Elements, schmelements. The Electra bike cover will help keep your bike looking great for years to come.

Oversized to fit most Electra models.

Détails des produits

  1. Outdoor-rated 150D polyester w/double polyurethane coating protects your two-wheel investment
  2. Extra-long design fits most Electra models, as well as other models up to 75" (191cm) in length
  3. Hook-and-loop straps keep cover in place
  4. Reinforced lock hole
  5. 191cm long x 79cm wide x 109mm tall
  6. NOT for use during transport on motor vehicles

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