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We believe that healthy people power healthy companies. Trek takes extra measures to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to live healthy lifestyles that also contribute to the improvement of our world and community.

We love to see our people cycle, walk or car-pool to work, so we make it as convenient as possible. We have a dedicated commuter room with ample bike parking, locker rooms and showers. Trek also has a financial incentive programme for employees who ride to work, and we've accumulated around half a million miles per year since the programme began.

For car-poolers, Trek reserves the most coveted spots in the car park, where the walk to the front door is shortest. More than one Trek employee has seen the car-pooling light while walking from the rear car park to the office on a sub-zero January morning. There are electric vehicle charging stations on-site and green-preferred parking places for hybrid/electric vehicles.

Trek employees also have access to 243 acres of the finest private mountain bike trails in the Midwest, and there's even a full-time staff which maintains the secret locale year-round, shaping single track in the summer, a cyclocross course in the autumn and grooming for fat-biking in the winter.

After you work up an appetite on the commute, a mid-day ride or a crossfit or yoga session in Trek's world-class fitness studio, the farm-to-table café is ready with locally sourced organic vegetables, meat,and dairy products. Trek also offers reimbursement for participation in a CSA (community supported agriculture).

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