Magic mirror on the wall, who has the coolest bike of all?

Forged in fire and designed to shine, Chroma features a reflective finish so mirror-like it almost seems like magic. But Narcissus beware – it’s hard not to stare.

This radiant ride comes in two lustrous colourways that catch the light just right. Each bike is handcrafted using a unique, proprietary method (we can’t tell you much – but flamethrowers are involved), so your one-of-a-kind ride might come with a few beauty marks that contribute to its overall character.

Ruby Chroma

Click your heels together three times, say ‘there’s no place like Chroma,’ and add this ruby-red ride to your collection.

Sapphire Chroma

Get lost in the deep blue hue of Sapphire Chroma, a colourway reminiscent of precious gemstones and designed for exceptional colour and clarity.

Dream team, dreamier setup

Ride like the pros with the same custom Chroma setup as the men and women on team Trek-Segafredo.

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