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Bontrager RXL Gel Glove

$79.99 Model 11491
A sleek, race-ready, padded glove for serious riders who demand luxury, comfort, and ultimate performance.
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A memory foam mattress for your hands

Your hands control the most important elements of riding a bike. Wrap them in the luxurious comfort of RXL Gel Gloves. We only use legendarily soft, durable Pittards natural leather and inufuse it with our race-proven inForm gel padding and memory foam.

Product details

  1. inForm design with gel and memory foam reduces pressure on the ulnar nerve
  2. Genuine Pittards® WR100X natural leather palm for great durability and softness
  3. Pieced palm for a no-bunch fit
  4. Soft nose wipe on thumb
  5. Palm venting for summer day comfort
  6. Pull-on design for sleek fit

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RXL Gel Cycling Gloves

Sleek, race-ready, padded gloves for serious riders who demand ultimate comfort and performance.

Proven by science

inForm pad shapes are proven to ease pressure in the ulnar nerve region to reduce the likelihood of numb hands while riding.


Gender Men
Palm fibre content 98% Leather / 1% Polyamide / 0.5% Polyester / 0.5% Elastane
Backing fibre content 75% Polyamide/14% Elastane/11% Polyester

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