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Bontrager BackRack Deluxe L

€ 49,99(UVP) (UVP) (UVP) Modell 09592
An Interchange capable rack that is easy to mount to larger bike frames.
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Bontrager BackRack Deluxe L Rear Bicycle Rack

Increase your hauling capacity and add versatility to your bike while allowing for secure mounting of both Interchange trunks and panniers. The L is designed for proper weight distribution and bag positioning on larger size bikes.


  1. Designed to fit mountain and hybrid bikes 18" and over, road bikes 54cm and over
  2. Compatible with Interchange, Interchange Transit, standard trunk bags, and panniers
  3. Max weight capacity 25kg (55 lbs.)
  4. Taillight plate allows for mounting lights, reflectors, and the Flare belt clip
  5. Single-bolt strut mounts allow for maximum adjustment and easy installation
  6. Additional side stays allow for mounting of both trunk and pannier bags
  7. Adjustable Mono Strut kits available - Black #426973, Silver #426974

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Technische Daten

Größe 18-22" (54-62 cm)
Rack type Heckgepäckträger
Interchange Ja
Material Aluminium
Gewicht 720g

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